Since the Xbox One debut, Microsoft has launched an array of unique and stylish Xbox One controllers. While the standard issue gamepad gets the job done, designs based on franchises, patterns, and aesthetics make it easy to find one that truly expresses you. We've rounded up every controller available for Xbox One so far and where to find them.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

In with the new: Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Staff favorite

Microsoft's premium controller just secured a considerable upgrade, now rocking adjustable-tension thumbsticks, improved triggers, rechargeable batteries, and a wireless charging dock. The best Xbox controller gets better, with preorders now open ahead of November.

$180 at Microsoft
Xbox Cyberpunk 2077 Controller

City souvenir: Cyberpunk 2077

Commemorating Cyberpunk 2077 via a limited-edition design, this controller takes inspiration from Johnny Silverhand, played by Keanu Reeves. The design features an asymmetric fusion of cybernetic metal paneling and matte black but already fetches a high markup.

$75 at Amazon
Xbox Arctic Camo Controller

Cool and clean: Arctic Camo

The arctic camouflage returns with a new look, featuring white and grey patterning supporting a modern covert look. The design now also features translucent sections, providing a glimpse into the underbody below.

$70 at Microsoft
Xbox Phantom Magenta Controller

Pretty in pink: Phantom Magenta

Microsoft continues its line of translucent controllers with its Phantom Magenta release, defined by a dark pink casing fading into black, coupled with metallic undertones.

$65 at Amazon
Midnight Forces II

Night operations: Midnight Forces II

Returning to the mellow tones of Midnight Forces, this revised design features the same military-inspired angular camouflage in a deep blue colorway. The pattern hits the third-generation silhouette and the accompanying benefits.

$80 at Amazon
Xbox DPM 2019 Controller

London souvenir: DPM X019 Exclusive

Microsoft marked its X019 conference with a custom "Aquabrush" print, merging a traditional lizard-brushstroke camouflage with iconic London landmarks. Designed in collaboration with maharishi's DPM Studio, this exclusive controller is limited to just 1,000 units.

Not available
Night Ops

Going dark: Night Ops

This blend of black, gray, and metallic gold assembles a contemporary spin on military camouflage. It revives Microsoft's textured triggers, which debuted with PUBG, alongside other hallmarks of modern gamepads.

$78 at Amazon
Sport Blue

Sky blue: Sport Blue

Cooking up another colorway under the range, Sport Blue offers a mellow flavor of the angular controller. The same linework and detailing translate from past designs, topped with a rubberized diamond finish.

$145 at Microsoft
Gears 5 Kait Diaz

Cold metal: Gears 5 Kait Diaz

Microsoft honors the fifth of its gritty shooter series, inspired by new protagonist Kait Diaz. Presenting a snow-weathered finish upon heavyweight COG armor, the design fully embodies the lead of Gears 5.

$85 at Amazon

Droppin' in: Fortnite

Marking the battle royale phenomenon, grab this design exclusively under the Xbox One S Fortnite Battle Royale Special Edition Bundle. The deep purple finish mirrors its accompanying console with exclusive Fortnite rewards, slated for a standalone debut this September too.

$136 at Microsoft
Phantom White

Strikingly pure: Phantom White

The Phantom White controller puts a minimal spin on Microsoft's ghostly translucent controller. Its exposed internals transition to pure white, with a textured grip on the rear.

$75 at Amazon
Sport Red

Cherry red: Sport Red

The vibrant Sport Red controller never fails to catch your eye. The deep color is framed with sharp metallic linework and presented with a rubberized diamond finish.

$93 at Amazon
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Winner winner: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Xbox controller embodies the unforgiving chaos of hit last-man-standing shooters. Its distressed metallic finish pairs with battle royale references, lined with textured grips and exclusive grippy triggers.

$74 at Amazon
Phantom Black

Under the hood: Phantom Black

The Phantom Black controller features one of Microsoft's more unique designs, comprised of a blend of black and champagne gold. Its translucent plastic uncovers its internals, while a rugged textured grip keeps your hands firm on the trigger.

$70 at Amazon

New look: Xbox Elite White

The White Elite controller is among Microsoft's sleekest yet, reviving its top-tier controller after three years. Now draped in white with silver accents, it's a welcomed alternative to the stock black.

$290 at Amazon
Gray / Blue

Muted tones: Gray / Blue

Another simple colorway returns with the Gray/Blue design, blending dark gray, light gray, and blue accents into a single controller. This controller once again packs Microsoft's textured back, keeping your grip firm over previous controllers.

$75 at Amazon
Armed Forces II

Armed and ready: Armed Forces II

Delivering a modern take on a classic design, the Armed Forces II Special Edition revives the same angular lozenge camouflage of its predecessors. This military-inspired aesthetic has been explored multiple times, though this latest revision brings the benefits of the third-generation feature set.

$70 at Amazon
Sport White

Pearly white: Sport White

Bearing similarities to the "Tech" line, this Sport White special edition controller is one of Microsoft's sleekest yet. Its clean white military-inspired design is paired accompanying mint and silver accents, while the rubberized diamond finish helps you maintain grip.

$93 at Microsoft
Combat Tech

Future warfare: Combat Tech

Combat Tech is the latest entry in the "Tech" line of Xbox One controllers, featuring a sleek look embracing a dark military green. Featuring the signature diamond grip, icons embossed down the center and matching accents; this controller fully embraces military design.

Not available at Amazon
Sea of Thieves

Pirate's treasure: Sea of Thieves

This Xbox One controller takes inspiration from Sea of Thieves, Microsoft's pirate-themed adventure title. With a sleek nautical design plucked from the depths, it features a translucent purple casing etched in barnacles, a gold trigger, and a glow in a dark skull. However, this limited edition piece now fetches a high price.

$270 at Amazon
Project Scorpio

For the fans: Project Scorpio

Microsoft first formally discussed the Xbox One X at E3 2016 under its "Project Scorpio" codename. While the codename has since been dropped, the "Project Scorpio Edition" console and controller bundle pays homage with its unique branding. Unfortunately, you can only get it used nowadays.

$499 at Amazon
Minecraft Creeper

Keep your distance: Minecraft Creeper

This Creeper design is a one of a pair of Minecraft controllers designed around the game's iconic foe. On the front, you'll find the Creeper's face, reconstructed in a subtle, yet identifiable tile pattern.

$87 at Amazon
Minecraft Pig

Porky pal: Minecraft Pig

Minecraft fans also have the choice of the limited edition Pig controller based on everyone's favorite animal friend. Like the Creeper controller, the Minecraft Pig design features the pig face on the front of the controller in a tiled pattern.

$69 at Amazon
Volcano Shadow

Hot hands: Volcano Shadow

The Volcano Shadow controller offers a fiery twist to the "shadow" line of designs with a black gradient descending into a metallic orange base. Characterized by its shifting colors, black buttons, and red accents, you won't find a controller hotter than this.

$123 at Amazon
Patrol Tech

Covert: Patrol Tech

Inspired by modern military forces, the Patrol Tech Xbox One controller offers a utilitarian design with a sleek finish. Complementing its dark blue faceplate, the Patrol Tech controller features a rubberized, etched diamond grip and three stacked icons down the center.

$84 at Amazon
Gray / Green

Light and easy: Gray / Green

This controller offers a simple yet striking colorway, blending a two-tone gray design with subtle green highlights. While soft gray makes up a majority of the controller, bright green accents lay hidden underneath the two thumbsticks.

$65 at Amazon
Recon Tech

Monochromatic: Recon Tech

As the first of the "Tech" line of controllers, Recon Tech established the sharp, modern design used across future entries. Defining aspects of the controller are its warm grey base color, a diamond grip etched in gold, and three minimalistic icons down the center.

$85 at Amazon
Ocean Shadow

Going wavy: Ocean Shadow

The Ocean Shadow controller features a metallic blue merging into a rich black. Complemented by black buttons highlighted with blue accents, the controller offers a simple yet distinct look.

$89 at Amazon
Winter Forces

Sub-zero: Winter Forces

The Winter Forces Xbox One controller is draped in a lozenge camouflage, comprised of various polygonal shapes. Taking advantage of clean whites and lighter grays, this controller is perfect for any arctic operation.

$60 at Amazon
Green / Orange

Primed for combat: Green / Orange

This controller comes in dark military green, with matching buttons, thumbsticks and triggers. Hidden underneath the thumbsticks are sharp neon orange highlights, contrasting with the main body.

$90 at Amazon

Royal red: Red

For those that want something simple, yet striking, nothing beats the red Xbox One controller. With a red front and a darker tone on the rear, this controller is a fit alternative to the standard black or white colorways.

$65 at Amazon

Bright and bold: Blue

Like its red alternative, this Xbox One controller comes in a bright blue. On the front, you'll be getting a vibrant flat blue, while the back and accents rock a darker tone.

$90 at Amazon
Dawn Shadow

The rising sun: Dawn Shadow

The Dawn Shadow Xbox One controller embraces an eye-catching metallic magenta rising into to matte black finish. Having sold fast at launch and since being discontinued, the remaining stock can be hard to come by.

$119 at Amazon
Military Green

Tools of war: Military Green

Coinciding with the launch of Battlefield 1, Electronic Arts' brutal First World War shooter, a special edition Xbox One S bundle hit the market. Packing a unique military green 1TB console, a matching controller, and a copy of Battlefield 1, the bundle proved the best way to experience the game on Xbox One.

$300 at Amazon
Deep Blue

Ocean waves: Deep Blue

Shortly after the launch of the Xbox One S, a 500 GB variant of the console was released in "Deep Blue" across select regions. Packaged alongside Battlefield 1, Gears of War, or FIFA 17, this was the only way to obtain a "Deep Blue" Xbox One controller.

$327 at Amazon
Storm Grey

Grayscale: Storm Grey

Like the Deep Blue console, a "Storm Grey" variant of the 500 GB console was available in select regions. Included in this bundle was a Storm Grey console, matching all-grey controller, and a copy of Battlefield 1 or FIFA 17.

$360 at Amazon
Gears of War 4 Crimson Omen

Scarred: Gears of War 4 Crimson Omen

The Crimson Omen controller was one part of controller duo, based on Microsoft's Gears of War shooter series. Celebrating the game's fourth main installment, this controller reflected its brutal universe, etched with lasers, and painted with a gritty design.

$62 at Amazon
Gears of War 4 JD Fenix

Armored up: Gears of War 4 JD Fenix

The second controller in the Gears of War 4 series opted for a grey and blue color scheme based on the game's protagonist, JD Fenix. With a rustic form similarly styled to Fenix's armor, this controller is a must-buy for any Gears fan. Unfortunately, you can only find it used.

$100 at Amazon
Gears of War 4 Elite

War torn: Gears of War 4 Elite

Microsoft raised the bar for special edition peripherals with this Gears of War Elite controller. Etched with lasers, brutal battle scars, and several layers of detail, this Gears of War Elite truly captures the aesthetic of the universe itself. These are near impossible to find today, with a high price tag too.

$550 at Amazon

Back to black: Black

Microsoft's third-generation spin on its black controllers now ships alongside Xbox One X consoles. With sleek new shell and features, it brings subtle refinements device-wide.

$60 at Amazon

Pure: White

First launched alongside the Xbox One S, Microsoft's third-generation brings a refined design and Bluetooth compatibility. This pure white design is now the essential staple of consoles worldwide.

$64 at Microsoft
Dusk Shadow

Winding down: Dusk Shadow

Taking influence from the skies, the Dusk Shadow controller offers a deep metallic blue, slowly descending into a matte black finish. The controller also features black thumbsticks and buttons, with blue highlights on A, B, X, and Y. You can find it used for a reasonable price on Amazon.

From $100 at Amazon
Copper Shadow

Heavy metal: Copper Shadow

In contrast to its Dusk Shadow partner, this controller features a metallic copper and black finish, bound to grab attention. Black thumbsticks and buttons are also included, with stylish copper highlights on A, B, X, and Y.

$145 at Amazon
Halo 5: Guardians Master Chief

The icon: Halo 5: Guardians Master Chief

Marking the release of Halo 5: Guardians, Microsoft released two limited-run controllers, designed around the game's main characters. One of these captures the series' most iconic figure, the Master Chief, with a green and gold design mimicking his unique armor.

$135 at Amazon
Halo 5: Guardians Locke

Spartan of steel: Halo 5: Guardians Locke

The second controller within the Halo 5: Guardians line is inspired by Spartan Locke, the Master Chief's primary foe throughout the game. Designed to replicate gunmetal plating with blue highlights, the controller fully captures the styling of the character's armor.

$180 at Amazon
Xbox Elite

Play like a pro: Xbox Elite

Microsoft's first premium Xbox controller packs unmissable features for hardcore gamers. Rear paddles, configurable thumbsticks, and hair-trigger locks are among its signature features, wrapped in a weighty metallic shell.

$198 at Amazon
Armed Forces

Undercover: Armed Forces

Covered by lozenge camouflage in an iconic military green, the Armed Forces controller perfectly captures military operations. With a design made of angular polygons, the controller offers a unique blend of sharp, modern geometry and the natural feel of the wilderness.

$200 at Amazon
Lunar White

Intergalactic: Lunar White

The Lunar White Xbox One controller provides one of the best premium designs to date, embracing a space-age aesthetic of white, black, and gold. While the matte white finish and black highlights make for a sleek design, the gold directional pad and triggers provide a look out of this world.

$150 at Amazon
Forza Motorsport 6

Full throttle: Forza Motorsport 6

Marking the launch of Forza Motorsport 6, 2015's entry to Microsoft's racing franchise, a special edition controller was released. Its dark navy color scheme is layered with dual racing stripes, and two silver triggers on the rear.

$229 at Amazon
Covert Forces

Tactical gaming: Covert Forces

Take part in only the most clandestine operations with the Covert Forces controller, which features a dark camouflage design. This controller was the first of the second-generation controllers, debuting the 3.5 mm headphone jack for stereo audio and voice chat.

$70 at Amazon
Midnight Forces

Night operations: Midnight Forces

The Midnight Forces controller offers a nocturnal take on the original camouflage design, embracing blues and blacks in a darker theme. This controller also features black analog sticks and a metallic directional pad.

$73 at Amazon
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Battle hardened: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Paired with the launch of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, this special edition is the only official Xbox One console based on the world-famous shooter franchise.

$130 at Amazon

Blank slate: White

With the release of Sunset Overdrive, Microsoft released a special edition Xbox One console, offering the first widely-available design since the console's launch. Alongside a white console, a matching controller was also produced, available exclusively through bundles.

$285 at Amazon

Blend in: Camouflage

Classic camouflage made its arrival on Xbox One with this controller, delivering the first patterned design in the range. With a clean lozenge design, the controller rocks an array of green polygons to keep you hidden from foes. This controller is based on the first revision of the Xbox One controller. However, a similar updated model is available through the "Armed Forces" design.

Not available
China Day One

Eastern exclusive: China Day One

After a lengthy console ban, the Xbox One was the country's first official console in 14 years. Commemorating its arrival, a "China Day One" bundle was released, featuring a 500 GB console and a branded controller. This controller is especially hard to find, with most units residing in China.

Not available

Prepare to drop: Titanfall

This controller was the first special edition Xbox One controller, tying into the release of Respawn's Xbox-exclusive shooter, Titanfall. Designed around the game's near-future technology, the controller embraces a clean white and orange color scheme of the Frontier.

$149 at Amazon
Launch Team

"I Made This": Launch Team

Celebrating the efforts of the Xbox One team, a limited-run console was distributed to select Microsoft employees. With "I Made This, Launch Team 2013" printed on the console and controller, few Xbox collectibles are as rare as this. Just don't expect to get one, unless you're willing to drop several hundred dollars.

Not available
Day One

Early bird: Day One

Kicking off the launch of Xbox One, the special edition "Day One" edition of the controller was issued. While a similar design to the standard first-generation Xbox One controller, the Day One controller was defined by its "Day One 2013" branding in the center. This controller was only available as a part of the Day One console bundle available on launch day.

$587 at Amazon

Xbox origins: Black

The simple black controller is where it all started. While a dated feature-set today, its 2013 debut refined the Xbox 360 controller with a new silhouette and ergonomic improvements.

$30 at Amazon

Which one will you choose?

Given the limited-time nature of many Xbox One controllers, some can fetch high prices once discontinued. Some on this list might only be available used (so buy with caution) or might not be available at all.

It makes the latest controller designs recommended for most, fixed near their retail value. The Phantom Magenta controller is among the most unique yet, while the Cyberpunk 2077 controller also features a distinct design, based on the upcoming RPG.

However, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 remains its top-tier offering, packing great features into an unrivaled package. For frequent gamers, don't miss out on this heavyweight beast.

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