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Best answer: No. With the Xbox Series X, Microsoft is removing the HDMI pass-through port and the IR blaster, meaning that you won't be able to use it to watch live cable TV. It will continue to support on-demand apps like Netflix, of course, though.

Live TV goes byebye

Unfortunately, with the Xbox Series X, Microsoft is removing many of the live TV features the previous Xbox One consoles had, gunning instead for a system that revolves around gaming almost in its entirety.

The Xbox Series X will continue to support on-demand apps like Netflix and Disney+, and media center apps like Kodi and Plex. However, the HDMI-in port is gone, alongside the IR blaster, meaning that you'll no longer be able to view live cable TV or control it through the OneGuide app, which will also very likely be removed as well. Microsoft has explained that this is in part to save costs, but also because usage of these features was comparatively low.

Also, Microsoft is removing the optical audio socket for similar reasons. Those of you who have audio systems connected to your Xbox One in this manner will need to instead plug it directly into the TV if you're able to do so.

It's a shame that the Xbox Series X is losing some of these features. Still, the lack of updates and interest over the years effectively painted the writing on the wall for what was coming, especially with more and more of us ditching live TV for on-demand apps and services.

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