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Sea of Thieves is filled with a frightening medley of emergent deep-sea threats, including ferocious megalodon and haunting skeletal armadas. Still, nothing is quite as elusive or terrifying as a mighty Kraken. Unfortunately, due to the randomized nature of encounters in the game, it can be somewhat tricky to track down this crushing collection of tentacles. Here are some helpful steps brave pirates can take to increase their chances of finding and killing the Kraken in Sea of Thieves.

How to find the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

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  1. First off, you'll want to load up your ship with as many cannonballs and wood planks as you can find.
  2. Next, find a high vantage point and scan for any Skull Fort or Skeleton Ship clouds on the horizon. The Kraken will not spawn while any of these are currently active.
  3. If one of these raid-style clouds is up, you'll either need to sail over and complete the activity or try to find another server where the clouds have despawned.

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  1. After you've managed to complete a Skull Fort or Skeleton Fleet encounter, head out to deep water, away from any islands, for a chance to engage with the Kraken.
  2. While it isn't guaranteed due to the randomized nature of these emergent threats, in my experience, it seems there's a much higher chance to encounter a Kraken immediately after a fort or skeleton fleet has been cleared.
  3. You'll know when the Kraken is approaching because your ship will lose most of its mobility, and the waters surrounding you will become inky black.

There's no sure-fire method for finding a Kraken in Sea of Thieves, but following these steps will give you the best chance of tracking one down. If you're working on completing commendations focused on hunting these titans of the deep, it'll be well worth your time to find and complete as many Skull Forts or Skeletal Fleets as you can. In my experience, I've often encountered these creatures immediately after completing a Fort and loading up my ship with loot.

How to Kill the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

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  1. Once you find yourself in the midst of the Kraken's clutches, pull your anchor to keep your ship from getting smacked out of the encounter by its powerful tentacles.
  2. Jump on your cannons and aim for the various tentacles emerging from the water. Hitting each one 3 to 4 times should get it to retract back into the water. You'll need to focus on shooting these tentacles to defeat the creature successfully.
  3. If the Kraken manages to wrap a tentacle around your ship, you'll need to turn you attention to hitting this tentacle with your firearms or cutlass, but be careful as the blood emitted from attacks damages players and obscures their vision. Causing enough damage will eventually force the Kraken to release its iron grip.

Sea of Thieves Kraken FightSource: Xbox

  1. Once you've blasted enough tentacles, the mighty beast will retreat back to the depths from which it came, leaving you the victor of this legendary scuffle.
  2. Be sure to collect the loot and Kraken meat that each of the conquered tentacles dropped during your battle.

Engaging with the Kraken is meant to be one of the toughest and most memorable challenges currently available in Sea of Thieves. The difficulty of this fight will ultimately depend on your ship type and crew size. This will likely be a quick and somewhat easy undertaking for solo sloops, while a 4-person galleon will be tasked with overcoming a drastically fiercer foe. Thankfully, with the right resources and a steady shot, any pirate can successfully take down a kraken in Sea of Thieves.

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