If you haven’t been using Pocket Tunes 4.1, you’ve been missing out. In my opinion, PocketTunes is one of the few truly powerful media players for Windows Mobile. Offering synchronization with iTunes, Internet radio and support for different skins, Pocket Tunes has been on my must-have list ever since it was first released for Windows Mobile.

If you remember (or want to read) my review of Version 4.1, there were a couple of issues we wanted resolved. I’m guessing that the folks at Normsoft were listening; because they took care of the biggest issues that I had, as well as resolving some issues that I hadn’t even thought about.

Read on for all the updates in Version 5.0.

Internet radio

One of the big things that Normsoft was marketing the last time around was its support of Internet radio. Pocket Tunes 4.1 did an admirable job handling this, but it took it to the next level with 5.0. The first reason is the fact that Normsoft included support for stations that use the WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. This reason by itself is a huge draw for me, as this greatly expands the available options.

The second thing that Pocket Tunes 5 gives you with Internet radio is access to your Last.fm account. Last.fm is a “Web 2.0” service that learns what music you enjoy listening to in order to make suggestions to you on what other music you may like. Last.fm also allows you to add a list of tracks that you have listened to recently to your blog or social networking profile.


When Normsoft first released Pocket Tunes for Windows Mobile, podcasting was the big service that was left out. Version 5.0 does include some impressive Podcasting functionality that definitely makes this a must-have upgrade. Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded directly to your device. My one complaint is that I’m don't see an obvious way to mark different episodes for download. This is an issue to me when I add a new podcast and want to go back a few episodes so that I don’t miss anything.

On a side note, I’m really liking the idea of using CT Scheduler (check out our review) to start Pocket Tunes overnight so that all of my podcasts download while I’m sleeping. I love technology.

Audio Books

Another thing that was apparently an issue with version 4.1 of Pocket Tunes cropped up when a user listened to multiple audio books. The issue was that if you didn’t finish one book, started another, and then came back to the first one, you position in the track was lost. Apparently this issue has been fixed.


Who knew? Pocket Tunes plays music as well! Syncing your music from iTunes was supported in the previous release; the bonus here is that now you can actually get your playlists across using Pocket Tunes Sync. Normsoft also claims increased audio quality and an improved equalizer. I’ll let you make that judgment for yourself.


I really thought that version 4.1 was a must-have, so this upgrade is really a no-brainer for me. The podcasting support is my favorite new feature, with the WMA streaming and iTunes playlist sync coming in right behind. If you’re in the market for a new audio player, a 15-day trial is available from Normsoft. In addition, if you do decide to pull the trigger on the purchase, a 15-day money-back guarantee is offered. Purchase Pocket Tunes 5.0 here for $37.95, or upgrade from Versions 3 or 4 for $19.95.

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Internet Radio: 4.5
  • Podcasts: 4
  • Audio Books: 5
  • Music: 5



  • Supports streaming and downloading of Podcasts
  • Syncs iTunes Playlists
  • Last.fm support
  • WMA streaming support
  • Remembers position in multiple Audio Books


  • Podcast management interface not as intuitive as it should be