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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is hosting a virtual research summit starting on February 23, 2021, and until February 24.
  • The research summit will be all about gaming and AI and will cover a wide range of topics from different speakers.
  • Speakers from Xbox, Microsoft Research, Mojang Studios, Roblox, Blizzard, all kinds of universities, and more will be present.
  • If you're interested in tuning in to the research summit, you can reserve your virtual seat starting now, until February 19.

Not many companies can claim to be as deeply involved in both gaming and AI as Microsoft, which has entire teams dedicated to each. Bringing together a ton of guest speakers and researchers, Microsoft is hosting a virtual research summit on gaming and AI at the end of the month. At the summit, participants will learn about a wide array of topics involving gaming and AI, and hear from a ton of speakers that Microsoft has brought together.

Some of the general topics include:

  • Creating AIs for gaming
  • Designing AIs to work with humans
  • Intelligent game development
  • AI generation and procedural design
  • Machine learning
  • Accessibility in gaming
  • And so much more

You can click the link above to read the full agenda for Microsoft's research summit, but they're really planning on discussing a lot. Participants, of course, will be able to pick and choose which subjects interest them the most and tune in individually. You'll hear from speakers coming from Microsoft Research, Xbox, Universities like Berkeley, Cornell, Vanderbilt, and many more, team members from Embark Studios, Mojang Studios, Blizzard, and still more beyond that.

If you're interested, you can register to reserve your virtual seat starting right now, until February 19, 2021. The virtual summit begins on February 23 and lasts until February 24, with the full schedule and topics broken down on Microsoft's website.

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