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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator is gearing to land on Xbox on July 27, but interested players will be short on accessory choices.
  • Xbox has detailed two upcoming flight simulator accessories that will upgrade the Xbox experience in the future.
  • A TurtleBeach flight control system arrives Fall 2021, while the Honeycomb option doesn't arrive until early 2022.
  • The best existing flight sim accessory on Xbox also gains a new bundle option, which releases with MSFS on July 27.

Microsoft Flight Simulator finally arrives on Xbox on July 27, 2021, and plenty of eager fans are doing their best to prepare before release. For many, this may mean shopping around for Xbox-compatible flight simulator accessories to move away from the limited standard controller. Unfortunately, options for Microsoft Flight Simulator accessories on Xbox are extremely limited right now. Today, Xbox detailed some upcoming new options for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox.

First off, one of the best Xbox flightsticks for players wanting to dive into flight simulators is the Thrustmaster HOTAS One flight stick and TFRP pedals, as they offer decent quality and features at an affordable price point. As Microsoft Flight Simulator launches, a new bundle containing both of these excellent accessories will be available at an even more affordable price. Even better, you can preorder it right now.

If you'd rather wait until something else becomes available, Xbox has confirmed two upcoming accessories. The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight is soon available to preorder from Turtle Beach and represents the high-end option for Xbox players. Coming in at $350 and launching Fall 2021, the VelocityOne Flight is a comprehensive flight control system with a ridiculous number of options, controls, a built-in display, and much more. This is definitely one to look out for if you're serious about getting the most out of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Finally, we have the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls XPC, a more affordable all-in-one (two?) flight control system that focuses on customization without some of the fancy bells and whistles of the more expensive Turtle Beach option. The Honeycomb system will be available to preorder later this year and should release in early 2022. Honeycomb also confirmed that they're working on a new flight stick, which should also release in early 2022.

As time goes on, more manufacturers will leap to support Microsoft Flight Simulator with high-quality peripherals and accessories. For now, players that need something at launch will want to look at the Thrustmaster T.Flight option or wait for other products to release later on.

Microsoft Flight Simulator releases on July 27, 2021 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Game Pass for consoles. The game is already available on PC and Xbox Game Pass for PC. You can preorder Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox and preinstall it right now.

The best right now

Thrustmaster T.flight Full Kit Reco Image

Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X

Available day one

The T.Flight peripherals are already the best you can get on Xbox, and that, unfortunately, won't change on Microsoft Flight Simulator Launch day. However, you can save some money on a great existing option with the T.Flight Full Kit, which launches at the same time as MSFS.

Landing on Xbox

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Box Art

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox preorder)

Microsoft Flight Simulator heads to consoles

After shattering expectations and setting bars on PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator is officially making the jump to consoles by releasing for Xbox Series X|S on July 27, 2021. You can now preorder the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, with three content-packed editions from which to choose.

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