Windows Central Executive Editor Daniel Rubino on the iPhone 11, via Instagram:

The iPhone 11. You know what it is. This is the $700 model, and like all the other reviews, I think it's the one pretty much everyone should get. The Xs (which I have) is too small, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is, IMO, jut too big and heavy. Moreover, I can't justify +$300 for OLED and that zoom lens on the 'Pros'.

Yes, OLED looks great, and in the Apple store, it's better than LCD. But once you go home with the LCD, you forget all of that because it's darn good.

That zoom lens on the Pro? Huawei did it better on my P30 Pro, but even there, I barely use it. But the new wide camera is great. I probably use it 50% of the time. LG knew this, and it works great here too - you get that on the iPhone 11. Those are the only differences. If you're an OLED-fan, well, then drop that $300. But I think the iPhone 11's size is just perfect and see zero reasons to get the Pro if you're hooked on that Apple system.

As far as the iPhone 11 itself, it's great. Battery life, audio, display, and camera (even low-light, gasp!) are all top of their game here.

But hey, if you hate Apple and dig Android, I get that too. For me, I always need to be trying everything. Just say no to tech bubbles.

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