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Temtem is the latest game to take the world by storm, and introduces a more complex monster combat game than other Pokémon role-playing games. A massively multiplayer online (MMO) inspired by the creature-collection craze that Pokémon started, players capture, train, and battle with a variety of monsters, most of which can evolve into better, stronger versions of themselves.

As players begin to head out and hunt down their favorite Temtem, we've compiled a list of them all, complete with their evolutionary tree (as of now) for those looking to get started.

Note: Temtem is currently still in early access, meaning these designs/evolutions are subject to change. Not all Temtem have been found yet, either, so some of the evolutionary lines may not be completed.

All Temtem and their evolutions

Oree evolutions

Oree goes from a tiny, android-like Temtem to a much larger one, but remain as friendly-looking as ever.

Oree EvolutionsSource: Crema

Oree (Digital) --> Zaobian (Digital)

How to evolve: Evolving Oree into Zaobian is currently done via an unknown method.

Platypet evolutions

Platypet starts out as a friendly-looking platypus, but its demeanor quickly changes as it grows, ending up as a fierce Platimous.

Platypet EvolutionsSource: Crema

Platypet (Water/Toxic) --> Platox (Water/Toxic) --> Platimous (Water/Toxic)

How to evolve: Platypet evolves into Platox after leveling up 20 times, and evolves into Platimous after leveling up 20 additional times.

Swali evolutions

Swali appears mostly wrapped in a cocoon, with nothing but its eyes popping out. When it evolves into Loali, however, it's revealed to be a tiny ball, and its cocoon opens up to be its wings.

Swali EvolutionsSource: Crema

Swali (Nature) --> Loali (Nature/Wind)

How to evolve: Swali evolves into Loali after leveling up eight times.

Tateru evolutions

Tateru does not evolve into or from anything, and looks like an incredible hybrid of teddy bears and rabbits.

Tateru EvolutionsSource: Crema

Tateru (Neutral)

Paharo evolutions

Paharo starts out as a tiny bird but very quickly grows into a majestic, soaring Granpah, with the leaves on its face growing to accommodate its new size.

Paharo EvolutionsSource: Crema

Paharo (Wind) --> Paharac (Wind) -->Granpah (Wind)

How to evolve: Paharo evolves into Paharac after seven levels, and Paharac evolves into Granpah after leveling up 16 times.

Ampling evolutions

Ampling is currently unreleased, so you can't encounter it in-game, but its look seems to be heavily inspired by a deer, as Amphatyr has a narrow face with a wider tail.

Ampling EvolutionsSource: Crema

Ampling (Electric) --> Amphatyr (Electric/Nature)

How to evolve: This method is currently unknown.

Bunbun evolutions

Much like its name suggests, Bunbun is a rabbit-like Temtem, and when it evolves into Mudrid, it takes on even more bunny-like features, including a bigger patch of fur around its body.

Bunbun EvolutionsSource: Temtem Strat

Bunbun (Earth/Crystal) --> Mudrid (Earth/Crystal)

How to evolve: Bunbun evolves into Mudrid after leveling up 20 times.

Hidody evolutions

Hidody itself looks similar to a larva, with a small leaf adorned around its head. Taifu, on the other hand, wears this leaf as a cape, and has fully figured out how to stand.

Hidody EvolutionsSource: Crema

Hidody (Nature) --> Taifu (Nature)

How to evolve: Hidody evolves into Taifu after leveling up 15 times.

Fomu evolutions

Fomu starts out as a cute, tiny little thing, but ends up evolving into Wiplump, a flying unicorn that's somehow even cuter.

Fomu Evolutions BlueSource: Crema

Fomu (Water) --> Wiplump (Water/Wind)

How to evolve: Level up Fomu 20 times and it will evolve into Wiplump.

Skail evolutions

A mix between what looks like a rat and squirrel, Skail and Skunch go from mean to meaner as Skunch's appearance makes him look ready for any fight.

Skail EvolutionsSource: Crema

Skail (Neutral) --> Skunch (Neutral/Melee)

How to evolve: Leveling up Skail 17 times will evolve it into Skunch.

Houchic evolutions

Houchic always has a smirk on its face, and as it grows more tentacles and evolves into Tental, that smirk remains.

Houchic EvolutionsSource: Crema

Houchi (Mental) --> Tental (Mental) --> Unknown

How to evolve: Houchi needs to be leveled up 29 times to evolve into Tental, and the method for evolving Tental is currently unknown.

Orphyll evolutions

An ancient serpent, Orphyll starts out life lonely, but when it evolves into a Nidrasil, it gains companions in the form of two other heads.

Orphyll EvolutionsSource: Crema

Orphyll (Nature/Toxic) --> Nidrasil (Nature/Toxic)

How to evolve: Oraphyll has to level up 22 times before evolving into Nidrasil.

Banapi evolutions

A goat-like Temtem, Banapi seems to be covered in extremely soft fur, with Capyre growing even bigger and fluffier.

Banapi EvolutionsSource: Crema

Banapi (Fire) --> Capyre (Fire)

How to evolve: Evolving Banapi into Capyre involves leveling up Banapi 17 times.

Lapinite evolutions

Lapinite starts off as a cute, tiny creature with crystals growing on its head, but evolve into the fierce Zenoreth, who stands much taller with many more crystals adorning its body.

Lapinite EvolutionsSource: Crema, Temtem Strat

Lapinite (Crystal) --> Azuroc (Crystal) --> Zenoreth (Crystal)

How to evolve: Lapinite evolves into Azuroc after leveling up 25 times, and Azuroc evolves into Zenoreth after leveling up an additional 25 times.

Bigu evolutions

Bigu and Babawa always have a happy look on their faces, and always have a set of leaves growing from around their head.

Bigu EvolutionsSource: Crema

Bigu (Nature) --> Babawa (Nature/Water)

How to evolve: Bigu evolves into Babawa after leveling up 18 times.

Kaku evolutions

Kaku and Saku have quickly grown to be two of the fan-favorite Temtems in the game, and it makes sense. These two are super colorful, and with their umbrella-like flora growing above them, they're very distinct in your party.

Kaku EvolutionsSource: Crema

Kaku (Nature) --> Saku (Nature/Wind)

How to evolve: Level Kaku up 11 times and it will evolve into Saku.

Valash evolutions

Valash doesn't involve into or from anything, and uses its sharp, crystalized hands to deal some damage.

Valash EvolutionsSource: Temtem Strat

Valash (Neutral/Crystal)

Barnshe evolutions

Barnshe is another Temtem that has no evolutionary line. It's an incredibly stunning looking bird, with large, fuschia wings to compliment it.

Banshe EvolutionsSource: Crema

Barnshe (Mental/Wind)

Gyalis evolutions

Gyalis also doesn't evolve into anything, and appears extremely menacing, as it owns a pair of sharp scythes for hands.

Gyalis EvolutionsSource: Temtem Strat

Gyalis (Crystal/Melee)

Occlura evolutions

Upon first glance, Occlura looks pretty terrifying. However, the crystals around its face aren't teeth, and when it evolves into Myx, those instead grow to encompass more of its face.

Occlura EvolutionsSource: Temtem Strat

Occlura (Crystal) --> Myx (Crystal/Mental)

How to evolve: Level Occlura up 18 times.

Raiber evolutions

Raiber starts out as a cute little fire cub, but by the time it evolves into Raize and Raican, it will have transformed into large, menacing lion.

Raiber EvolutionsSource: Crema

Raiber (Fire) --> Raize (Fire) --> Raican (Fire)

How to evolve: Level Raiber up 25 times to evolve it into Raize. Level Raize up 25 times to evolve it into Raican.

Pewki evolutions

Despite likely scaring off some other Temtem, Pewki sports a happy go lucky look, which doesn't go away as it gets bigger and evolves into Piraniant.

Pewki EvolutionsSource: Crema

Pewki (Water) --> Piraniant (Water)

How to evolve: Level Pewki up 13 times.

Saipat evolutions

Saipat doesn't evolve into or from anything, but don't let that sway your judgment, as the platypus comes battle-ready, with a clamshell fastened to its head.

Saipat EvolutionsSource: Crema

Saipat (Water/Melee)

Crystle evolutions

Like it's name implies, Crystle sports a large crystal on its back in the form of a shell, and its second evolution, Sherald, only sports a bigger one.

Crystle EvolutionsSource: Crema, Temtem Strat

Crystle (Crystal) --> Sherald (Crystal) --> Unknown

How to evolve: Level Crystle up 30 times. Its third evolution is currently unknown.

Hocus evolutions

Hocus and Pocus sport two of the more clever names in Temtem, and their appearance matches the name, as they have floating orbs surrounding them at all times.

Hocus EvolutionsSource: Temtem Strat

Hocus (Mental) --> Pocus (Mental)

How to evolve: Level Hocus up 17 times.

Sparzy evolutions

Sparzay is currently unavailable in the wilds of Temtem, and while it does evolve into something, it's unknown exactly what that is yet.

Sparzy EvolutionsSource: Crema

Sparzy (Electric) --> Unknown

How to evolve: Sparzy is the mid-form of three Temtem, but it's unknown what it evolves from and how to do it yet.

Mushi evolutions

Two Temtem that take after some heavy inspiration from fungi, Mushi and Mushook both sport large mushrooms as hats, and possibly protection.

Mushi EvolutionsSource: Temtem Strat

Mushi (Toxic) --> Mushook (Toxic/Melee)

How to evolve: Level Mushi up 20 times.

Magmis evolutions

Magmis seems heavily inspired by the concept of land sharks, as it sports two small fins and fin above its head. Mastione, on the other hand, is much more fearsome, with its fins protruding out to be wing-like attachments.

Magmis EvolutionsSource: Crema

Magmis (Fire) --> Mastione (Fire)

How to evolve: Level Magmis up 16 times.

Umishi evolutions

Umishi heavily resembles a sea slug, with nothing but a head and body to sport. Its final form, Ukama, grows legs, and a sharp tail to deal some damage.

Umishi EvolutionsSource: Crema

Umishi (Water) --> Ukama (Water)

How to evolve: Level Umishi up 14 times.

Raignet evolutions

Raignet is currently not in Temtem, and is also reported to evolve from another Temtem, that of which is currently unknown.

Raignet EvolutionsSource: Crema

Raignet (Unknown)

Smazee evolutions

Smazee is a fluffy, orange monkey Temtem that evolves into even fluffier versions of itself, although its final form is unknown as of now.

Smazee EvolutionsSource: Crema, Temtem Strat

Smazee (Melee) --> Baboong (Melee)

How to evolve: Smazee evolves into Baboong after leveling up 29 times, and Baboong evolves into as of yet unknown Temtem.

Zizare evolutions

Zizare is another Temtem that is currently unavailable in the game, but will be making its appearance soon.

Zizare EvolutionsSource: Crema

Zizare (Earth)

Spriole evolutions

A bushy, sprout-like Temtem, Spriole's next two evolution forms take on deer-like appearances, with Cerneaf looking almost exactly like one.

SprioleevolutionsSource: Crema

Spriole (Nature) --> Deendre (Nature) --> Cerneaf (Nature)

How to evolve: Spriole evolves into Deendre after leveling up 12 times. After leveling up Deendre 25 times, it will evolve into Cerneaf.

Toxolotl evolutions

A fun play on the word axolotl, Toxolotl doesn't resemble its namesake too much, instead almost looking like a dog.

Toxolotl EvolutionsSource: Temtem Strat

Toxolotl (Toxic) --> Noxolotl (Toxic)

How to evolve: Level Toxolotl up 30 times.

Blooze evolutions

Blooze and Goolder are permanently making dopey faces, but the two toxic blobs are still ready to battle.

Blooze EvolutionsSource: Temtem Strat

Blooze (Toxic) --> Goolder (Toxic)

How to evolve: Level Blooze up 25 times.

Zephyruff evolutions

Zepyruff doesn't look like it's ready for much fun, keeping a serious scowl on its face even as it grows into a Volarend.

Zephyruff EvolutionsSource: Crema

Zephyruff (Toxic/Wind) --> Volarend (Toxic/Wind)

How to evolve: Level Zephyruff up 22 time after being captured.

Ganki evolutions

Both Ganki and Gazuma sport two gigantic horns protruding from their heads, but Gazuma's sport extra wings to perhaps complement its age.

Ganki EvolutionsSource: Crema

Ganki (Electric/Wind) --> Gazuma (Electric/Wind)

How to evolve: Level Ganki up 27 times.

Oceara evolutions

Oceara is currently not known to evolve to or from anything and resembles a horse and deer hybrid.

Oceara EvolutionsSource: Crema

Oceara (Water)

Shuine evolutions

Shuine's evolutionary line is also unknown, and is extremely inspired by a snake, with a split tail at the end of its body.

Shuine EvolutionsSource: Temtem Strat

Shuine (Crystal/Water)

Nessla evolutions

Nessla has no other evolutionary forms, and is another serpent-like Temtem, with fins growing out of its head, tail, and arms.

Nessla EvolutionsSource: Crema

Nessla (Water/Electric)

Valiar evolutions

Valiar is another Temtem that is yet to be released into the game, meaning players won't be able to capture this deer-like Temtem yet.

Valiar EvolutionsSource: Crema

Valiar (Unknown)

Kalazu evolutions

Kalazu looks almost identical to a squid, although it sports many thorns around its body. Kalabyss doesn't have as many thorns, but has much larger tentacles.

Kalazu Evolutions BlueSource: Crema

Kalazu (Water) --> Kalabyss (Water/Toxic)

How to evolve: Level Kalazu up 18 times.

Adoroboros evolutions

Adoroboros doesn't evolve to or from anything and appears to be partially made of gas, as its wings aren't connected to its body.

Adorobos EvolutionsSource: Crema

Adoroboros (Toxic/Mental)

Tuwai evolutions

A toucan-like Temtem, Tuwai sports a large tuft on its head to go along with a split tail, while Tuvine has an entirely crystalline body. Currently, players are only able to turn it into a Tuvine by taking it to the Crystal Shine, but it will have other evolutions in the future.

Tuwai EvolutionsSource: Crema

Tuwai (Wind) --> Tuvine (Wind/Crystal)

How to evolve: Take Tuwai to the Crystal Shine and select it. This can only be completed after beating the "Cultist Hunt" side-quest. Tuwai will be able to evolve into different species, but only Tuvine is known as of this writing.

Kinu evolutions

Kinu's evolutionary line is currently unknown, but it is one of the rarest Temtem to find, so it's unlikely it turns into anything else.

Kinu EvolutionsSource: Crema

Kinu (Nature/Mental)

Vulvir evolutions

Vulvir starts out as a tiny little dinosaur with a large rock on its head acting as a helmet, and throughout its evolution, it grows bigger, but retains the helmet-like headpiece.

Vulvir EvolutionsSource: Temtem Strat

Vulvir (Fire/Earth) --> Vulor (Fire/Earth) --> Vulcrane (Fire/Earth)

How to evolve: Vulvir evolves into Vulor after leveling up 14 times. Vulor evolves into Vulcrane after leveling up an additional 28 times.

Pigepic evolutions

Pigepic does not evolve into or from any other Temtem, and is perhaps the most iconic of them, as it is literally a flying pig.

Pigepic EvolutionsSource: Crema

Pigepic (Wind)

Anahir evolutions

Anahir is a giant compared to most Temtems, and can only be found by playing through the game's Adventure in the Myrisles quest line.

Anahir EvolutionsSource: Temtem Strat

Anahir (Crystal/Fire)

A growing list

It's important to remember that while we've gathered a list of all Temtem and their evolutions, Temtem is still a growing game. Thanks to it still being in early access, many evolutionary forms have yet to be discovered, with some Temtem not even available to capture in the game now. However, we'll be sure to keep updating the list, so don't forget to keep checking in as you continue your adventures on the Airbone Archipelago!

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