MSN Bing Rewards

Members of Microsoft's Bing Rewards program in the US will now be able to earn a few extra points each day. The company has announced that it will now allow those members to earn points while they are on the MSN website.

In case you are unfamiliar with Bing Rewards, its a free program in the US that rewards people with points when they use the Bing search engine on both their PC and mobile device. You can earn a certain amount of points per day, and they can used to purchase e-gift cards from Microsoft, Amazon and others. They can also be used to enter contests and can even be given to charity. Now those same points can be earned by checking a selected number of stories and videos on MSN

Microsoft said:

"It's easy to earn credits on MSN. Look for the new Rewards tab on the MSN homepage and click on the MSN offers to start earning even more credits. New offers will be available daily and will also be accessible from the Bing Rewards dashboard."

There is one small catch: the MSN Bing Rewards points can only be earned when users are on a PC or tablet; they cannot be claimed on smartphones.

Source: Bing blog