The taskbar is one of the most recognizable parts of Windows 10, but your taskbar doesn't have to look like everyone else's. You can customize icons, move where programs stay, and watch videos in the taskbar thanks to a few apps and features.

TaskbarX Icons

Staying centered: TaskbarX

Staff favorite

You don't need to keep your app icons all the way to the left. You can use this app to center them on the taskbar or offset them however you'd like. It also lets you set blur or acrylic effects for the taskbar.

$1.09 at Microsoft Store
Start Button

A new Start: StartButton

You can customize your Start button with any image you'd like using this app. It has a selection of images included, or you can upload your own as I did with this throwback Windows Central logo.

$2.09 at Microsoft Store

Maximizing your screen: SmartTaskbar

This app lets you automatically hide your taskbar when you maximize a window. It's a great add-on if you want to immerse yourself in videos, editing, or any program where you want all of your screen dedicated to one task.

Free at Microsoft Store

Seeing clearly: Transparent Taskbar

Some people love clear and fluent things on Windows 10. You can make your taskbar clear with this app or use it to create a blur effect.

$2.29 at Microsoft Store
People Bar

Picking people: People Bar

The People Bar isn't the most popular feature that's built into Windows 10, but you can use it to message contacts, browse through videos, and as a universal clipboard, all within your taskbar.

Best ways to use the People Bar

Spruce up the taskbar

Every item on this list makes the Windows 10 taskbar better, but the one that I love the most is TaskbarX. It allows you to center the icons on your taskbar, giving it a bit of a Windows 10X feel. It also lets you affect the taskbar's transparency, which makes the app a good value.

Start Button is also a great option to add your own flair to Windows 10. It seems like a little thing, but I look at the Start button throughout my days regardless of how I'm using PC. Having a custom image appear there is a nice little touch.

While all of these apps and features are great on their own, they can clash with each other sometimes. When multiple programs try to customize the taskbar at once, you can run into issues. Specifically, I've had issues with Transparent Taskbar and SmartTaskbar working together.

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