Best NZXT PC Cases Windows Central 2022

NZXT makes some of the best PC cases and there are a few solid options for builders putting together a new system. We've compiled a list of the best cases from NZXT to help you get started.

Nzxt H510

Best Overall: NZXT H510i

Staff Pick

NZXT H510i is the company's middle of the road PC case with a compact mid-tower design, cable management features, and plenty of space for expansion cards and even some water-cooling. There's an H510i Elite with a tempered glass front panel too.

$116 at Newegg
NZXT H210i

Compact ITX: NZXT H210i

NZXT H210i is like the NZXT H510i but shrunk down in size to only fit Mini-ITX motherboards. It has similar cable management features, as well as enough room for you to mount an AIO cooler for even the more demanding Intel or AMD CPU.

$110 at Newegg

Unique Package: NZXT H1

NZXT decided the H210i wasn't quite small enough and so decided to create an even more compact case in the form of the NZXT H1. This small-form-factor case comes rocking an AIO and PSU pre-installed so you can create quite the compelling PC.

See at NZXT
NZXT H710i

So much space: NZXT H710i

If you're all about space and desire to install your own water-cooling loop to handle your CPU and GPU, the NZXT H710i is the way to go. It's a mid-tower case but has ample space inside the chassis to allow you to think outside the box.

$170 at Newegg

Choosing the best NZXT PC case

Unlike some PC case vendors, NZXT keeps its catalog of cases simple to make it easier for you to choose the best chassis for your PC build. The NZXT H510i is our favorite because it's in between the massive NZXT H710i and NZXT H210i. You'll be able to install an AIO or two, the largest GPU around, and keep everything looking tidy.

Whichever NZXT PC case you opt to go for, you're going to be able to create a compelling PC. Each H-series case looks similar, which isn't a drawback since they are all great-looking cases. It mostly comes down to the form factor and what kind of PC you desire to build.

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