The Microsoft Store is always a great source of deals, but few days are as great for deals as Cyber Monday. As such, we've compiled a list of all the best deals Microsoft is currently rocking through its own storefront, should you wish to take advantage of Microsoft's often superior customer support and guarantees.

  • Surface Pro 7 Bundle (Core i3) - $599 ($360 off)
  • Surface Pro 7 Bundle (Core i5) - $799 ($230 off)
  • Surface Pro 7 Bundle (Core i7) - $1,699 ($330 off)
  • Surface Laptop 3 (Various configs) - From $899 (Up to $300 off)
  • Surface Go (64GB and 128GB) - From $299 (Up to $150 off)
  • Acer Nitro 7 - $700 ($400 off)
  • HP 15-ef0875ms Laptop - $399 ($200 off)
  • Lenovo Ideapad S940 Laptop - $1,400 ($550 off)
  • Microsoft Xbox One controller - $40 ($20 off)
  • Xbox One S All-Digital - $150 ($100 off)
  • Xbox One S Starter Bundle - $199 ($100 off)
  • Xbox One X - $349 ($150 off)
  • Gears 5 Limited Edition Xbox One X - $349 ($150 off)
  • Samsung HMD Odyssey+ - $229 ($270 off)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - $750 ($200 off)
  • Microsoft Office Home & Student - $99 ($50 off)
  • Western Digital Black Game Drive - Up to $30 off
  • Seagate Game Drive Hub 8TB - $140 ($40 off)

Microsoft Store Cyber Monday Deals

Surface deals

Microsoft Surface Pro 7Source: Windows Central

It always feels safer to me purchasing Surface devices directly from Microsoft, since the company's customer support and repair service has always served me well in the past. Purchasing from a third-party introduces unnecessary hoops into the mix more often than not, and Microsoft has always performed well for me when it comes to shipping and returns. Either way, it's hard to beat these deals throughout Cyber Monday.

Surface Pro 7 and Type Cover

Surface Pro 7 Bundle (Core i3)

$599 $959 $360 Off

All of Microsoft's Pro 7 Surfaces are on special offer for Black Friday through to Cyber Monday, making this the best time to upgrade. This is the entry level Surface Pro 7, with a Core i3 processor granting solid power for modest productivity tasks.

Surface Pro 7 and Type Cover

Surface Pro 7 Bundle (Core i5)

$799 $1,029 $230 Off

Stepping up a bit further is the 128GB storage Core i5 model, granting more bang for your buck.

Surface Pro 7 and Type Cover

Surface Pro 7 Bundle (Core i5)

$999 $1,329 $330 Off

You can move on up to 256 GB of SSD storage cheaper than ever with this model, and it includes a bundled type cover.

Surface Pro 7 and Type Cover

Surface Pro 7 Bundle (Core i7)

$1,699 $2,029 $330 Off

This is the beefiest Pro 7 model, with a Core i7 processor and 512 GB of SSD storage. You'll even be able to do some light gaming on this tablet, owing to its more serious specs.

Surface Laptop 3

Surface Laptop 3 (Various configs)

From $899 $1,199 Up to $300 Off

Various models of Surface Laptop 3 are on sale for Cyber Monday, granting savings of up to $300. This powerful and sleek computer is ideal for getting work done.

Surface Go

Surface Go (64GB and 128GB)

From $299 $549 Up to $150 Off

Both models of Surface Go are on sale for Cyber Monday, and you can even throw in an extra type cover for a total saving of $180.

More PC deals

Acer Nitro 5Source: Windows Central

If you don't fancy a Surface, there are various other epic PCs on sale through Microsoft for Cyber Monday, and here are some of our top picks.

Entry-level gaming

Acer Nitro 7

Acer Nitro 7

$700 $1,100 $400 off

Don't expect to be running Red Dead Redemption 2 on max settings on this thing (or even at medium settings probably), but this is a great affordable laptop for some entry-level gaming on popular, well-optimized titles and thousands of older games in Steam's extensive back catalog.

Entry-level laptop


HP 15-ef0875ms Laptop

$399 $599 $200 off

If you want something cheap and affordable without sacrificing too much in terms of power, this surprisingly decent laptop is an absolute steal this Cyber Monday.

Serious laptop


Lenovo Ideapad S940 Laptop

$1400 $1950 $550 off

This is the largest cut price deal we've found on the Microsoft Store so far, offering over half a grand's worth of savings on a very powerful, very sleek productivity laptop.

Xbox deals

Xbox One XSource: Windows Central

Tons of Xbox consoles are discounted for Cyber Monday, as well as piles and piles of games which you can find over here.

Extra controller

Xbox One Controller

Microsoft Xbox One controller

$40 $60 $20 off

If you need a new/spare Xbox One controller, Microsoft has said that their standard Bluetooth-compatible Xbox One controllers will be up to $20 cheaper during Black Friday.

Best budget option

Xbox One S All-Digital

Xbox One S All-Digital

$150 $250 $100 off

Microsoft's Xbox One S All-Digital console is the cheapest option out there and will be just $150 during Cyber Monday. It drops the disc drive for additional savings, but retains the sleek aesthetic and is an excellent option for 1080p gaming.

For newcomers

Xbox One S

Xbox One S Starter Bundle

$199 $299 $100 off

If you're new to the ecosystem, keep an eye on the price of the starter bundle, which is expected to gain anywhere up to $150 off (although it may be less on the day). The starter bundle comes with Xbox Game Pass, providing access to dozens upon dozens of games out of the box, as well as UHD movie playback.

4K power house

Xbox One X

Xbox One X

$349 $499 $150 off

Currently the world's most powerful console, the Xbox One X, is the ideal partner for anyone with a 4K HDR TV (or anyone planning to grab one in the Black Friday sales). UHD gaming and movies, the X could be anywhere up to $150 off during Black Friday.

A sexier console

Gears 5 Xbox One X

Gears 5 Limited Edition Xbox One X

$349 $499 $150 off

If you're a big Gears 5 fan, there's every chance Microsoft may discount the stunning Limited Edition Xbox One X during Black Friday. The Gears 5 Xbox One X comes with unique sound effects, a vivid icy finish, and a custom controller.

Software and Accessory deals

Office 365 Home on Surface GoSource: Windows Central

Here's where you'll find every other miscellaneous deal we've found so far through the Microsoft Store!

Your gateway into VR

Samsung HMD Odyssey+

Samsung HMD Odyssey+

Premium Windows Mixed Reality

This is arguably the best Windows Mixed Reality headset ever made, and it's the most accessible way to get into VR on your Windows PC.

$229 $499 $270 Off

Best Windows Phone replacement

Galaxy Note 10 Aura

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

$750 $950 $200 Off

This is the closest to a real "Microsoft phone" you can get in 2019, with deep integration with PC via Your Phone. Microsoft is selling the handset for the absurdly low price of $750, complete with free Galaxy Buds to boot.


Office 365 Home

Microsoft Office Home & Student

$99 $149 $50 off

A one time purchase?! IN 2019?! This is for those who don't want to pay an on-going subscription to Office 365. This license is good for the entire Office suite, which should last you practically forever.

Extra storage

WD_Black Game Drive

Western Digital Black Game Drive

Up to $30 off

Western Digital's new WD_Black Game Drive will be available for up to $30 less during Black Friday, adding up to 6TB of extra storage for your growing games collection.

More storage

Seagate Game Drive Hub

Seagate Game Drive Hub 8TB

$140 $180 $40 off

If you hate having to reinstall games, consider the mammoth 8TB Game Drive Hub from Seagate, $40 off the usual asking price for Black Friday.

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