If you're into gaming content creation or you're looking to get started, Cyber Monday is the last big chance to get some top tier gear before the holidays. Whether you're looking to capture or stream from PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or even mobile, a good capture card at the heart of your setup will give you an edge and make your broadcast quality that much better.

These are all capture cards that we not only recommend, but that are currently discounted thanks to Cyber Monday's plethora of deals.

Live Gamer Ultra

AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra | $180 at Amazon

This capture card is probably the best of the bunch on Cyber Monday, using USB 3.1 so laptops and desktops can use it, but also handling 4K video and HDR pass through that's perfect to pair with the newest consoles. It has ultra low latency so if you stream there'll be no lag in your reactions and it's a simple plug and play affair. Don't neglect this at this price.

$189 at Amazon

Elgato HD60 S | $142 at Amazon

Elgato's HD60 S is a brilliant all-rounder and one of the most popular capture cards for good reason. It boasts almost no latency so if you stream, what you see, your audience sees along with your real-time reactions, and as it uses USB-C you'll never be far from a compatible cable. Any chance to get one for a discount is worth taking.

4K60 Pro

Elgato 4K60 Pro Mk2 | $234 at Amazon

If you recently got a new Xbox Series X or PS5 then gaming in 4K might well be on your mind. This Elgato card can capture and pass through 4K video in HDR, as well as handle high frame rates at lower resolutions. It does require a desktop PC and a free PCIe slot, but you'll get some super crispy footage.

$234 at Amazon
Live Gamer Mini

AVerMedia Live Gamer Mini | $81 at Amazon

Getting into gaming content creation or streaming doesn't have to be expensive as is proved by AVerMedia's dinky little capture card, the Live Gamer Mini. Despite it's size and low price you'll still be able to record and stream at 1080p at 60 FPS and with a built in hardware encoder it adds virtually no load to your system resources. A perfect starting point and a superb price for Cyber Monday.

$80 at Amazon
Live Streamer Duo

AVerMedia Live Streamer Duo | $140 at Best Buy

In this you get both a capture card and a webcam so you're totally ready to stream. The set comprises the Live Gamer Mini, a tiny little 1080p60 capable capture card, paired with the Live Streamer Cam 313. The webcam has a neat horizontal adjustment so you can always get just the perfect angle wherever you mount it.

$140 at Best Buy

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