Best Microsoft Surface Accessories for Artists Windows Central 2022

The Surface line of products is great for artists thanks to inking capabilities and great touch displays. Whether you're using a Surface Pro 6, Surface Book 2, the new Surface Go, or something like Wacom's Cintiq drawing tablet line, there's an array of cool tools that can up your digital drawing game.

Get your ink on: Surface Pen

Obviously, the first thing you're going to need is the Surface Pen, which was updated last year to include tilt support and other new features for modern Surface devices. The Surface Pen supports 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt support for shading density, and enjoys supremely low latency. Modern Surface devices typically don't come with the pen, so you'll need to drop an additional $99 to jump in.

$100 at Amazon

Replacement pen nibs: Zodiac pen tips

Each pen tip can provide a different "feel" for the Surface Pen, giving the impression of a pencil, or something rougher like a felt pen. The nib that comes with the Surface Pen as standard is usually more than enough to do the job, but it can wear out over time, so keep this $25 option in mind when the time comes to replace it.

$20 at Amazon

Protect your wrist: eZAKKA artist gloves

One of the problems with digital inking is smudging the display when resting your palm on the screen. Additionally, if you get sweaty hands or get strain injury, having a bit of extra support is always a nice thing, particularly if you spend hours and hours drawing. eZAKKA produces a range of colorful artist glove options, and being lycra-based, can fit a large range of different hand sizes.

$9 at Amazon

Clean it up: EcoMoist screen cleaner

The EcoMoist organic screen cleaning kit comes with a bottle spray of environmentally-friendly liquid solution designed to clean all types of displays. Each pack also comes with a microfiber cloth to dry off the liquid after use and can be used on other types of electronic products too.

$10 at Amazon

Dial it up: Surface Dial

The Surface Dial is a hockey puck-like device that responds to touch and can be placed directly on the screen of compatible Surface devices, adding contextual controls to certain apps, with other customizable features. Its compatibility is limited to a few apps, but it's a nice addition if you're a fan of Sketchable or Photoshop CC, it can really enhance your game. If you're willing to drop $99 on it that is.

$100 at Amazon

If I had to recommend just a couple of items from this list, I'd go for the EcoMoist screen cleaner, artist or not. It's great for cleaning TVs, laptops, and even desk surfaces. It's awesome. These Zodiac Pen Tips are also a great option if you find yourself burning through pen nibs rapidly.

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