The Razer Naga Pro is an awesome gaming mouse. Now you can get it with its own RGB charging dock essentially for free since the price of both items together is down to $149.99. Normally they would go for around $200 and the mouse alone would be $150. Of course, you can save on the mouse by itself right now, too, since it's discounted to just $119.99 instead of $150. Either way, you're saving a huge chunk of change and getting the Naga Pro for one of its lowest prices ever. You can also find the latter deal available at Best Buy.

Naga Pro Razer

Razer Naga Pro gaming mouse and RGB charging dock | $50 off

The Naga Pro mouse is fully modular with designed for you to customize it and make it all your own. It even has three interchangeable side plates with different button configurations so you can pick just how many are on there. Uses Razer's newest optical switches for light-speed actuation. The dock has RGB lighting that tells you the charge status of your mouse.

We reviewed the Razer Naga Pro last year and gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 with a Recommended badge. Dan Thorp-Lancaster said, "The combination of the Naga's versatility with exceptional wireless connectivity and great battery life is one that can't be beat."

One thing about the Naga Pro is that appeals to gamers who enjoy a variety of different games. Because it comes with several interchangeable side plates, you can switch out when you're playing an FPS versus when you're playing an MMO. Choose between two, six, and 12 button configurations for when you just need more actions to execute (or for when you don't). If you don't switch games often, you might just put on one plate and leave it. At least the option will be there should you want it.

The Naga Pro is also outfitted with the Focus+ 20,000 DPI optical sensor. You can adjust the DPI on-the-fly, which is also great for gamers who might switch between say an FPS and a MOBA.

Since the Naga Pro is wireless, the charging dock really adds some major convenience to using it. Plus it has RGB lighting along the bottom that can actually change its lighting to let you know the status of the charge. Let it fill up until the visual indication tells you otherwise, then you'll be ready to game again.

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