6tag is the name of a popular third-party Instagram app for Windows Phone. It is developed by Rudy Huyn, and it is one of the most full-featured Instagram apps available, even offering unique features not found in the official Instagram apps on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

6tag was initially released on August 21, 2013 to the Windows Phone Store. During development, it went by the name 6tagram but due to a request by Instagram, the name was changed to distance it from any official endorsement or confusion in the branding.

The 6tag app contains numerous features not found in official Instagram apps, including

  • Regram – Repost another person's Instagram image to your account
  • Multiple Account Support – Users can manage and post from different accounts within the app
  • Hide Sponsored Posts – Lets users hide ads in their photostream
  • Photo features – Ability to use a border and upload full images with top and bottom margins for non-cropped photos

In February, 2015, it was announced by Huyn that 6tag 5.0 would be a universal Windows app for Windows 10. This change would mean that the same 6tag app can run on Windows Phone, Surface tablets, PCs, and laptops (and even Xbox One and HoloLens if Huyn pursues that route).

No timeframe has been set for 6tag 5.0, although it will likely arrive in late 2015 or early 2016.

Third-party developers can use an API to hook into 6tag so that their app can share images directly to upload to Instagram.

Although Instagram does not endorse 6tag as the unofficial app for Windows Phone, the company has worked with Huyn in the past to make sure the app meets their standards and respects their IP.

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